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  • 31 May 2014

    The celebration held at the Polish Hall on May 31, 2014 gathered Edmontonians together to mark 25 years of Freedom. His Excellency Marcin Bosacki, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Canada, provided a keynote speech, stressing the significance of the events from a quarter of century ago.


    “In early 1989 communists, on the verge on not only moral, but simply financial bankruptcy, agreed to round-table negotiations with Solidarność. That led to first mostly-free elections on June 4th 1989 and Solidarność won more than 99 percent of contested seats. This is the date we celebrate today – 25 years of symbolic end of communism and start of Polish Freedom.” – said Ambassador Marcin Bosacki, recalling circumstances that led to overthrow of communism in Poland. Then, he turned to Polish guests – “Distinguished Poles from both of those generations live here in Alberta. And let me tell you how proud we are of you, Polish Albertans, that since the first arrival of Poles here in 1895, you have maintained the language and culture of your motherland.” He added – “We owe a lot to Polish diaspora around the World, especially as strong and well organized as here in Canada. You supported Poland in the dark years of 1980s, you support us now – thank you!”


    The event was hosted by the Canadian Polish Congress in collaboration with the Honorary Consulate for northern Alberta, close to 200 special guests came together to mark the occasion.  A number of representatives from the legislative and judicial orders of government were joined together with all the leadership of the active Polonia in the Province.  Also in attendance were, the leadership of the Ukrainian and German Provincial associations.

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