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  • 26 February 2015

    - Poland is in a special way in a solidarity with Ukraine during this difficult times and it is going to support all of the diplomatic solutions, which lead to the end of the current conflict – stated ambassador Marcin Bosacki on the 25 of February 2015 at the Ukrainian National Federation of Canada.


    Ambassador highlighted also that Poland supports the Ukrainian strategy about its further integration with the West. However, the decisions concerning the future of Ukraine have to be taken by Ukrainians themselves  without foreign threats or blackmail.



    By referring to the words of the president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, ambassador pointed out that since the Russian aggression started Ukraine does not have closer ally in Europe than Poland. – We know how many challenges Ukraine is facing now but we believe that because of the determination of the Ukrainian nation and the help from friends such as Poland and Canada, Ukraine is going to be soon a country where there is peace, economic development and integrated with the West – said Ambassador. 



    Ambassador Bosacki put further attention to the fact of assistance for Ukraine from the side of the Polish government and NGOs during this conflict. Moreover, he stressed the meaning of the common initiatives that are undertaken by Poland and Canada on the international arena as well as directly in Ukraine, which strengthen, such as building of independent media and structures of civil society.



    During the meeting, Ambassador answered numerous of questions from the more than 100 people audience and among them were also representatives of the Polish Diaspora.


    Ambassador M Bosacki
    Ambassador Marcin Bosacki

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