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  • Canadian citizens can travel to Poland within the visa free regime. They can stay in Poland up to 90 days, after that time they need to obtain residence permit.



    Information on financial means possessed by foreign citizens travelling to Poland

    Foreigners entering the territory of Poland are obliged to possess and present at the request of the immigration officer at the border check point financial means adequate to the period of his/her stay in Poland:

    1. When the period of his/her stay in Poland do not exceed 3 days - minimum 300.00- PLN
    2. When the period of his/her stay in Poland exceed 3 days - minimum 100.00- PLN for each day of stay or the equivalent in foreign currency.

    The documents certifying the possession of the above mentioned means are as follows:

    • traveler cheques
    • credit cards with the recent bank statement

    All foreigners should also be obliged to possess:

    • valid abroad Health insurance to cover costs of his/her medical treatment in all Schengen countries (minimum 30,000 EURO)
    • tickets authorizing to travel to home country or third country


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