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  • 1 May 2017

    Ottawa, April 28, 2017: The Embassy of Poland is pleased to invite you to celebrate Polish Day in Ottawa on Wednesday, May 3. The free festivities will emphasize the friendly relations between Poland and Canada throughout history. It will also highlight the contribution of Poles and Polish-Canadians who have helped build Canada since 19th century.

    You are invited to dance mazurka or polonaise, listen to jazz concert, take a selfie with background of beautiful Polish landscape, send greetings to Poles looking forward to celebrating their 100th anniversary of Independence in 2018, and admire the design of Polish porcelain and masterpieces of both traditional and modern Polish architecture.

    If you are a dancer, why don’t you try a polonaise or a mazurka under a friendly and expert eye of a dancer from the “Polanie” dance group (10:15 - 10:45 AM)?  Or from the White Eagle Folk Dance Academy (1:30 - 2:15 PM)? They will be happy to show you first how to do it and then – it’s up to you!


    Maria Knapik, a welI known Polish-Canadian soprano opera singer, will present  a special recital “From Classics to Tango”  (12 PM – 1.30 PM).  Be prepared for a musical and dancing show where operetta arias are mingled with famous tango melodies, sung by Maria, accompanied by professional dancers. Her recital will be followed by a concert by Knapik Singers.


    For any lover of jazz, the concert by Artur Dutkiewicz, one of the greatest Polish jazz pianists and composers, is a must (3:00 PM). Dutkiewicz will present compositions from his solo album “Mazurkas”. The mazurka is a Polish folk dance in triple meter. 

    • Symphony from The New World (excerpts) - Anton Dvorak
    • Africa Mazurka - Artur Dutkiewicz
    • One Heart - Czesław Niemen
    • Kielce Mazurka - Artur Dutkiewicz
    • Sattvic Mazurka - Artur Dutkiewicz
    • Bold Mazurka   - Artur Dutkiewicz
    • Moonlit Mazurka - Artur Dutkiewicz
    • Chased Mazurka - Artur Dutkiewicz
    • The Lord is my Shepherd - Polish traditional song
    • Mazurka / Oberka - Artur Dutkiewicz


    His recital will be followed by a guest performance by Litania Projekt Trio that unifies some of Montreal’s most expressive musicians: Jacques Kuba Séguin (trumpet and compositions), Olivier Babaz (double bass) and Alain Bourgeois (drums).

    • Secret Love - Sammy Fain
    • Oleo - Sonny Rollins


    Bring your kids - children and teenagers will have the opportunity to take a selfie and point it at a map of Poland, with some greetings for Poland on the occasion of their 100th anniversary of Independence in 2018. They may try to learn how to dance a polonaise or a mazurka or how to make a traditional Polish papercutting. They may also wish to take part in a quiz about Poland (with gifts for the winners) and last but not least - to taste famous Polish candies, “krówki”.


    Polish Day is free! Welcome to all!



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