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  • 4 December 2013

    Polish students increased their share of top performers in science, reading and mathematics, according to a PISA survey conducted by the OECD among over 500,000 15-year-olds in 65 countries. Young Poles have performed well above the average in OECD countries.

                                                     Fot. M. Cieszewski / MFA


    Polish students ranked 9th in the science category, and 10th in reading. They have also performed very well in mathematics, scoring 14th – their biggest advancement. In previous PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) surveys, they performed close to the average score for OECD countries.


    Polish middle school students also outperformed other European countries in mathematics – they were fourth among European Union countries and sixth in Europe.


    In science, Polish fifteen-year-olds were in the highest performers group behind the Fins and the Estonians, scoring better than students form the US and France.


    The PISA survey has shown that there are increasingly fewer students scoring worst in Poland, while the number of top students in mathematics has grown and now represents 5 percent of the entire surveyed group.


    PISA is a two-hour test consisting of multiple choice and open questions, based on everyday situations. In this way, the OECD surveys a vast group of 510,000 students from 65 member countries of this organisation. Young people from 25 countries have scored better than in the past. Besides Poland, the quality of education has seen a marked improvement in Brazil, Germany, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Tunisia and Turkey.  Very good test results were obtained by students from East Asia, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and the Netherlands.


    This is the fifth such survey conducted by the OECD.

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