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  • National D-type Visa WORK VISA is issued for multiple entries and can be valid for as long as the work permit is valid, but no longer than one year (365 days). All persons who intend to work in Poland must apply for the National D-type of visa and additionally submit a valid work permit (or promise to issue the work permit - Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Georgia) issued by the appropriate local executive authorities (Office of Wojewoda) in Poland. Work visas are issued only by a Polish Consul in the consular office corresponding to the place where the applicant has his/her legal permanent residence. An alien intending to work in Poland must enter the country with a valid work visa, as no visas can be obtained in Poland. Employment without prior authorization is strictly prohibited.


    English language teachers planning to work in Poland at universities (colleges) must submit a Certificate of Employment issued by president of that university/college, instead of the work permit. 


    If applying for work visa you need to provide all listed documents. Attention: travel medical insurance and a poof of financial means should cover just the dates between entering Poland and effective date of a work agreement. 


    Q: More information about work permits and working in Poland?

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