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    1. Completed and signed visa application form. You must register your visa application on this website:


    1. Go to Visa – (your type of visa) - Register Form

    2. Fill it out without any omissions, amendments or deletions and submit your application.

    3. Then you will see the screen "Thank you for submitting form. Your form number is: ......."

    4. Click "print" to print out your visa application with a bar code and registration number.



    Each applicant shall submit a completed and signed application form with a bar code and registration number.

    Minors shall submit an application form signed by a person exercising permanent or temporary parental authority or legal guardianship.

    Applications shall be lodged no more than three months before the start of the intended visit.

    Please note that as of May 6, 2019 all the Schengen Consulates in Canada are expecting supporting documents for the Schengen visa application with accordance of the Commission Implementing Decision establishing the list of supporting documents to submitted by applicants for short stay visas in Canada [C(2019)3271 final].


    2. Visa fee

    We accept the payments in form of money order or certified cheque payable to the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ottawa.

    You may pay cash when applying in person.


    3. Passport

    a) signed,

    b) issued within the last 10 years,

    c) valid for at least 3 months after the date of intended departure from Poland,

    d) with at least two blank visa pages (excluding the amendments/endorsements pages at the back).



    4. Evidence of immigration status in Canada allowing your re-entry

    Your Canadian reentry visa sticker must be valid at least 3 months after your departure from the Schengen zone + photocopy

    If you are a landed immigrant in Canada, you must provide your PR card + photocopy


    5. Two biometric photographs:

    (a) sharp focus, clear and in good contrasts, printed on high-quality paper, in color, dimensions 35x45 mm

    (b) taken within the period of last 6 months and resembling the applicant,

    (c) person must face the camera directly, against a bright background,

    (d) the whole head and the top of the shoulders must be exposed. The face must occupy 70-80% of the photo,

    (e) eyes must remain open and clearly visible, hair must not cover any parts of the eye, only glasses with clear lenses can be worn, frames must not cover any part of the eye. Reflection in lenses is not acceptable.

    Good examples of biometric photos can be found here.


    6. Proof of sufficient financial means (at least 100 PLN, approx. 37 CAD, per day of stay in Poland), e.g.: last 3 bank account statements with name and address of owner(s) or student loan agreement.


    7. Tickets certifying your intended date of arrival in the Schengen area and intended date of departure from the Schengen area.  If you are traveling to more then one country in Schengen zone you need to provide itinerary reservation for the entire travel in the Schengen zone or proof of participating in an organized tour + proof of accommodation


    8. Travel medical insurance valid for the entire length of your stay in the Schengen zone, covering medicine, hospitalization, repatriation, death, pregnancy, for a minimum of 30,000 Euro (about 50,000 CAD), deductible $0 CAD. In case of medical incident, insurance company must cover all costs, not the applicant.



    a) You have to apply for a visa with a letter from your insurance company (a copy of your insurance card is not enough) certifying:

    your name;

    validity in all Schengen area; 

    exact coverage dates (effective date and expiry date must be the same as your intended date of arrival in the Schengen area and intended date of departure from Schengen area - based on your flight tickets; statements e.g. "valid up to 90 days outside the province" will not be accepted);

    detailed plan coverage (covering al least: medicine, hospitalization, repatriation, death, pregnancy);

    sum insured (at least 30,000 Euro, approx. 50,000 CAD).

    b) If you are covered by your credit card company or school or work place, you have to contact the insurance provider and bring an official letter as mentioned above. 

    c) If your insurance company does not provide such a coverage, you have to find an international insurance and also provide the letter mentioned above.


    We kindly remind you that this is a compulsory document.

    Applicants for a visa for more than two entries (multiple entries) shall prove that they are in possession of adequate and valid travel medical insurance covering the period of their first intended visit. In addition, such applicants shall sign the statement, set out in the application form, declaring that they are aware of the need to be in possession of travel medical insurance for subsequent stays.


    9. Documents depending on the purpose of your stay :

    • Tourism, family or friends visit, private stay hotel reservation for all cities and countries visited or the invitation issued by the Voivodship Office where your Polish host is residing. Be aware that once you submit the hotel reservations, you will not be allowed to change them. Invitation cannot be changed and must cover the whole duration of your stay in Poland.
    • Business trip: original letter from your Canadian employer confirming your position and the fact that a business trip to Poland is intended (if self-employed the original business registration is required), original letter of invitation from Polish company or organization confirming the business trip and schedule of your trip; whether your expenses will or will not be covered by the host company during the entire length of your stay + proof of accommodation
    • Transit: transport documentation, for example a rail/plane ticket and a visa to the final destination country.
    • Participation in cultural, economic, political, scientific or sport events: invitation or notification addressed to applicant by the organizer + proof of accommodation
    • Scientific activity, training, teaching, volunteering: letter of acceptance of admission from the receiving organization, employment contract etc + proof of accommodation
    • Studies: recently issued certificate of enrollment issued by the Polish University and a proof of payment tuition fees + proof of accommodation
    • Work: work permit or Certificate of Employment (only language teachers) + proof of accommodation


    For minors (less than 18 years old) also:

    • birth certificate (translation into English if applicable) + copy
    • For minors living in Canada with a guardian (and not a parent) - document proving the guardianship + copy
    • For minors not travelling with their parents: a parental authorization signed by both parents or by the legal guardians and notarized (the recommended form can be found here)
    • a copy of each parent’s or legal guardian’s passport.



    1. documents in relation to the onward journey to the final destination after the intended airport transit,

    2. information enabling an assessment of the applicant's intention not to enter the territory of the Member States.



    Please provide the documents in the following order, with the original and the photocopy (if marked) together.

    Presenting a file that has not been organized will delay the application.


    Arrive in person at the Consulate at the arranged time and date with all the necessary documents.


    If you want your passport returned by mail, please bring return, self-addressed, prepaid nad register Canada Xpresspost envelope to our office at the time of application (we do not accept Purolator or FedEx envelopes). Consulate does not take any responsibility for documents lost or misplaced by mailing services. 


    Visas are usually issued within a period of 15 days. Your application may be refused or be delayed by unforeseen processing requirements.


    According to art. 14.6 of Community Code on Visas  Consulates may waive one or more of the requirements in the case of an applicant known to them for his integrity and reliability, in particular the lawful use of previous visas, if there is no doubt that he will fulfil the requirements of Article 5(1) of the Schengen Borders Code at the time of the crossing of the external borders of the Member States.


    Please note:

    During the examination of an application, consulates may in justified cases call the applicant for an interview and request additional documents (art. 21.8 of Community Code on Visas).


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