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  • Obtaining copies of Polish vital statistics acts and certificates

    (if you are not a Polish Citizen, you should for assistance in obtaining copies of Polish vital statistics acts and certificates contact your Embassy in Poland)

    According to the contents of art. 45 of the Statute dated November 28, 2014 Law about civil registration certificates (Dz.U. of 2014, item 1741),

    1. full and abridged copies of civil registration certificates,
    2. certificates about entries made in civil registers or about their lack,

    are issued at the request of:

    1. a court or another state organ,
    2. a person who is the holder of the civil registration certificate, his or her ascendant, descendant, siblings, spouse or statutory representative.

    Copies of civil registration certificates and certificates concerning entries made in the civil registers or their lack, can also be issued at the request of other people who prove a legal interest in this and at the request of a social organization, if this is justified by statutory purposes of such and organization and when the public interest supports it.

    In order to obtain a copy of the civil registration certificate, you should contact directly the relevant registrar's office in Poland. 

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