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  • Some other information about Polish citizenship.

    The matter of obtainment or loss of citizenship by Poles who found themselves outside territory of Poland in the effect of or in relation to the Second World War is subject to four Citizenship Acts dated 1920, 1951, 1962 and 2009.

    It necessary to add that meanwhile also other acts concerning citizenship were issued. On their basis Polish citizenship were lost by persons who emigrated to Federal Republic of Germany and Israel.

    Imparting the above information Consular Division of the Polish Embassy in Ottawa would like to mention that in case of persons who are not in possession of documents proving that they have or lost their Polish citizenship they may apply for special certificate issued by "Wojewoda" in Poland. It is possible to do it by one of Polish Consulates in Canada.

    Person may apply to obtain Polish citizenship when he/she proves that he/she does not have Polish citizenship, because citizenship cannot be granted to a person who has never lost his/her citizenship.




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