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  • Obtaining copies of civil status records and civil status certificates from a civil registry in Poland


    Under the current legislation, consuls do not have the authority to obtain copies of civil status records or civil status certificates from civil registries in Poland.




    When the applicant is not in Poland, copies may nevertheless be issued to the applicant’s relatives or caregivers, namely:

    - a spouse;

    - predecessors (parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.);

    - descendants (children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc.);

    - siblings;

    - a legal representative;

    - a guardian.


    A nationwide electronic registry of civil status records, which replaced old civil status record books, can ensure a speedy retrieval of a record, even if the relatives of the applicant live outside of the place of birth or of marriage of the said person.


    A copy may be retrieved at any civil registry in Poland, provided that it has been entered into the system of state registries "Zrodlo" (all records created since March 1, 2015 are included in this system, and records created before that date are successively transferred into this system.) To expedite the procedure, in the case of records create before March 1, 2015, we suggest contacting your civil registry and submitting an application to enter the record into the “Zrodlo” system. After obtaining the file number assigned in the "Zrodlo" system, family members will be able to retrieve the record at any civil registry in Poland.


    The following data can help retrieve a civil status record:


    - applicant’s personal details

    - date and place of the event documented by the record;

    - names and surnames of parents;

    - in the case of religious registrations (until the end of 1945) the religious denomination of the person and the name of the parish in which the person was baptized, was married or died.


    The relatives of an applicant are not entitled to obtain a certificate of marital status, which can only be obtained by the applicant himself/herself.





    In the absence of relatives in Poland who could help obtain a copy of a civil status record, the applicant may:


    • Contact the appropriate civil registry in Poland and determine the possibility of submitting a request by correspondence and having a copy sent directly to their address of residence in Canada. This is contingent on prior payment of a fee to the appropriate civil registry’s account.


    • Obtain an electronic copy of the civil status record through the ePUAP system. Please note that electronic copies may sometimes not be honoured outside the Republic of Poland.


    • Contact the appropriate civil registry in Poland, submit a request for a copy and have the copy sent to the consul. The civil registry will then send the civil status record to the consul, who will provide the record to the applicant. This is contingent on paying a consular fee in accordance with the consular fees table.




      A few years ago, I obtained a copy of our marriage certificate through the Consulate. I have now been told that this is no longer possible. Is this true?


      In 2015, two new laws came into effect, significantly impacting the powers of consular officials. On March 1, 2015, the new Act on Civil Status Records came into force, and on November 1, 2015, the new Consular Law Act came into force. According to art. 45 of the former, public administration officials may obtain copies of civil status documents only if a copy is necessary to fulfill their legal obligations. Therefore, officials cannot obtain copies of civil status certificates for Polish citizens living outside the Republic of Poland. In addition, art. 27, sec. 1 of the Consular Law Act speaks of consuls obtaining copies of civil status records from the registries of the receiving country, without granting them the right to obtain copies from Polish registries.


      I have a copy of a birth certificate, issued before March 1, 2015, i.e. in the old A5 format. Is it still valid?


      Yes, copies of civil status records issued before March 1, 2015 are valid indefinitely and can still be submitted to administrative bodies. However, civil status certificates are only valid for six months from the date of issue.


      Legal basis:


      Act of 28 November 2014 Law on civil status records (Journal of Laws of 2016, item 2064);

      Act of June 25, 2015 Consular Law (Journal of Laws of 2015, item 1274, as amended).

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