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    Polish Freedom 2014

    This edition features three milestones in Poland's recent history; the June 4, 1989 elections, Poland's admission into the NATO alliance in 1999 and entering into the European Union in the year 2004. Those events were celebrated here in Canada during the Polish Freedom Galas which took place in Ottawa and Toronto. On the occasion of the first free elections held in Poland 25 years ago, Canada's Prime Minister made a trip to Poland where he participated in the celebrations. This eNewsletter also keeps up with past editions in featuring a Polish city, regional news, a famous Pole who we think you might want to know more about, and a collection of recommended media.






    Summer 2013

    In this edition Ambassador Zenon Kosiniak-Kamysz shares a message of farewell as he completes his diplomatic mission to Canada. Conflicts around the world take precedence in our Political Affairs section, while shale gas and space projects occupy our Economy & Science section. We take you to beautiful Nowy Sacz in Poland, and suggest plenty of activities and sights. 2013 has been declared as the year of Witold Lutosławski and so we share his life, works, and ccomplishments with you. This year saw another successful edition of the Quo Vadis Youth Conference take place in Montreal, Canada which we are more than happy to write about and encourage you to take part in next year!






    Spring 2013

    The newest version covers the most up to date political, economic, and scientific news accompanied with the hidden gem, which is the Polish city of Zielona Gora, tucked away on the western side of the country. As we have recently had the election of a new Pope we take this opportunity to write about a very famous Pole; John Paul II. Finally, to bring back the memories from the cold and crisp Ottawa we enriched the content with a link to our latest YouTube video, "Ottawa with the Ambassador." This is a great opportunity to get some more information about the capital city of Canada, as H.E. takes you on a tour of Ottawa.







    January/February 2013

    It is our pleasure to present to you our first eNewsletter for 2013. In this edition we cover important political events concerning the EU budget and military spending. We bring you news of the University of Gdansk's involvement in a new underwater hotel in Dubai, and an news of KGHM's continued expansion. This year is the Year of Witold Lutoslawski, we cover his life and works in our Famous Poles section. Travel to the city of Rzeszów on page 4 then read more about the Quo Vadis V Conference which is being held in Montreal, Canada this summer. Finally, our recommended media page features the third instalment of the highly successful Witcher series developed by CD Project RED.






    November/December 2012

    This is the final edition of our eNewsletter for 2012. We top off the year with another Christmas edition filled with the most important Political and Economic news from Poland. In November we had the pleasure of announcing three new Honorary Consuls in Canada which are featured in this edition. We take a look back on some of the most important events of the year for 2012 and present two books in our recommended media section which we fill are worth taking a look at.








    September/October 2012

    There's been a significant change in Consuls in Canada (both in Ottawa and Toronto). Our first page of the eNewsletter is dedicated to this important changeover. Our website recently received an important makeover. It now features a refreshed look and is much easier to navigate. Important news about the Katyn files and the upcoming EU budget are covered in our Political Affairs section. Under the Economy and Science page an important LNG port receives critical funding and news about an unmanned Polish helicopter is presented. Travel to the beautiful city of Szczecin and read all about our famous Pole in this issue: Casimir Pułaski.







    Summer 2012

    It has been a long and hot summer and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. To get you back into gear we present you with our 10th, yes 10th, eNewsletter! This 10th edition covers a historical religious visit, Canada's most advanced fighter plane, the Warsaw Uprising and much more. The Warsaw Uprising page contains many fantastic video's linked in the pictures so don't forget to click around. We hope to continue delivering this easy to read and informative material all the while taking your perspectives into account. If there is a special topic you think we should cover, write to us! We're always happy to hear from you.







    May/June 2012

    It's been a tremendous couple of months! From May 12-14 the Prime Minister of Poland, Donald Tusk, made an official visit to Canada. This was a truly historic event that we cover in this edition of our eNewsletter. We also take a closer look at the beautiful and historic town of Lublin where religions criss-cross and people are always happy to make you feel at home. Our famous Pole is Nicolaus Copernicus, the man that pinned the sun in its rightful spot. Make sure to follow the links on all the photos that accompany each story to get a broader understanding of the stories we cover. We won't say where but we've linked one photo to the press conference held by PM Tusk and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.






    March/April 2012

    This is out longest eNewsletter to date featuring 10 pages of material which we feel covers the whole gamme of topics meaning there's something for just about everyone. Our front page carries the most important story yet, the visit of the Prime Minister of Poland, Donald Tusk, to Canada from May 12-14, 2012.In this edition we've included two pages dedicated to Wilno, Ontario, the first and oldest settlement of Poles in Canada and information about the Kresy-Siberia Virtual Museum project which deserves special mention. Of course we cannot forget to mention that the Embassy celebrated a birthday of sorts in late March, more info on that in the eNewsletter.






    January/February 2012

    In this issue of our eNewsletter we've expanded our economic matters section to also include scientific and technological news. Our famous Pole this issue is the legendary Tadeusz Kościuszko, his is a story you cannot miss. Our Polish city, and your future travel destination, is the city of Wroclaw that boasts some great activities for all ages. The recommended media corner features two books that we find truly fantastic and worthwhile. We've included some impressive links to all the pictures throughout the eNewsletter so to find out more or get a deeper understanding of the story click the pictures!







    December 2011

    We present to you our special year-end Christmas edition of our eNewletter. We've included some Polish Christmas traditions and a look back at the year we, at the embassy, have had in 2011. Like all the best things in life this edition is short and sweet.










    November 2011

    In the social media world we've added a new level of interaction; Flickr. Here you can view all the photos we take from our various events in high quality. To all our new readers be aware that this is an interactive eNewsletter. This means that all pictures and highlighted text contain links that provide the reader with more information about the respective image or text. Don't hesitate to click around. We would especially suggest following the link to in the "Did You Know" section. There have been plenty of events occurring recently and we're thrilled to include a full page of past events with some fantastic photos linked to whole sets of pictures.







    August/September 2011

    Although the diplomatic world is in what we can call a 'low-season' it has been quite busy in our press department all summer long. We picked out a handful of interesting stories, fascinating pieces of news and stitched together this eNewsletter for you. Please don't forget that our eNewsletter is an interactive piece. Each picture or logo most likely holds a link to the source of the story or another page where one can learn more about the subject in the image or text.








    June/July 2011

    Our third issue focuses on Poland assuming the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Following a personal message from His Excellency Zenon Kosiniak-Kamysz, ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Canada, we outline what holding the Presidency entails and Poland's priorities for the second half of 2011. The issue also offers sections concerned with current Polish political affairs, two recent prominent reports highlighting Poland's strength in the global economy, the achievements of Polish scientist Maria Skłodowska-Curie, the magic of the city of Kraków, and book and film recommendations.







    May 2011

    Our second eNewsletter edition which slowly takes the form of our current edition's format including dedicated sections for political and economic news. This edition includes news about the Polish language at Ottawa University and introduces the Famous Pole section along with a dedicated page for recommended books.










    April 2011

    Our very first edition of the Embassy's eNewsletter released in April of 2011. This edition included an article about Canada's first Polish-Canadian elected to the House of Commons in Ottawa. You can take a virtual tour of the Embassy's interior and read about the Quo Vadis Youth Conference.



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